Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Suntrust Delta Debit Card is Gone for Now

For anyone who lives anywhere near a Delta hub, the Suntrust Delta Skymiles debit card was one of the best deals out there.  The sign-up bonus of 5K Skymiles wasn't massive, and there was the hassle of having to establish a Suntrust checking account, but the earning potential was massive.

I posted a month or so ago that Suntrust had stopped promoting the card on their website, but that there were reports that the card was still available in branches or by phone or chat.  Well, I was motivated to check up on the card when Bluebird changed their daily load limits from $1,000 to $2,500, since I sometimes use my Skymiles debit card to load Bluebird (and earn miles for doing so).  Unfortunately, it seems that the card is well and truly gone for now.  During an online chat with Suntrust customer service, I was informed that Suntrust "is no longer offering that card at this time."

It seems that if you don't already have a Suntrust debit card, your window of opportunity has passed.  If the card comes back in the future, I can only imagine that it will be with a more restricted miles earning structure, i.e. no miles for PIN based transactions.

EDIT: As additional support, I note that the former website for the card [link is now spam, so I've deliberately left it cold] has apparently been abandoned by Suntrust and snapped up by a domain squatter.  However, if you have any faith in the diligence of Delta's IT guys (Ed: Ha!), you can rest your hopes on the fact that Delta still promotes the card on their website:

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