Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bluebird Increases Daily Load Limits

Listed on my sidebar are the three travel/points bloggers that are my "go to" guys for travel information: Gary @ View From the Wing, Ben @ One Mile at a Time, and Greg @ The Frequent Miler.  Yesterday Greg posted on a positive change to Bluebird's terms and conditions.  As of July 1, Bluebird's "Add Funds" terms look like this:
However, TFM reports that the limit at Walmart is actually $1,999.99 per day.  The previous daily load limit was $1,000 and the daily online debit load was $100.  If you have a miles earning debit card (or Visa/MC prepaid debit cards that still work @ Walmart) Bluebird had just  reduced the number of times you'll have to visit Wally World by half!  That's great news if, like me, Walmart is not your favorite place.

UPDATE:  I can confirm that the Walmart limit is not $1,999.99 per day.  That is Walmart's limit per register, per transaction.  You can load the full $2,500 by visiting more than one register or a combination of a register and the Walmart Moneycenter automated kiosk.

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