Monday, May 9, 2016

Booking the Old Fashioned Way- The Howtown Hotel, Cumbria

Mr. Pointsninja and I have a visit to England upcoming.  We'll be staying in the Lake District for a couple of days where chain hotels are thin on the ground.  I kind of like going places like that because it forces me out of my rut and makes me do some research to find the right place.  I ended up picking the Howtown Hotel, the furthest thing from a chain that I could find.  As you can see, it has a website, but that's about where its connection with the modern world ends.  You can't book online.  You can't even pay with a credit card. But what you can do is call to get a spot in "the book."  Then you write them a letter (kids, that's the paper thing that goes in a envelope) setting out your reservation request.  What you'll get back is this:

A lovely note from Mrs. Baldry, the Howtown Hotel's proprietress, confirming your reservation.  Beats an e-mail any day!  I'm really looking forward to this review.  Stay tuned!

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