Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Twilight of the Suntrust Delta Debit Card- Maximizing the Next Few Weeks

As I've discussed before, Suntrust Bank is hobbling its Delta Debit Card on July 25th.  Currently the card earns unlimited Skymiles at a rate of 1 Skymile per dollar spent (on both signature and PIN transactions).  Though the card has not been available to new members for quite a while, there are still a fair number of legacy members out there, yours truly among them.  Many of us have intentionally limited our spending on the Card in hopes of reducing the chances of an account closure.  Since the Card is shortly going to be much less valuable, the gloves are coming off.  But that raises a question: How to get the most money into (so as to be able to get it out of) my Suntrust account?

Because Suntrust has a limited footprint of branches, many folks who have the Delta Debit Card may not have a Suntrust branch in their hometown.  This eliminates the possibility of in-person deposits.  So, what are the alternatives?  Here's a rundown of the easy ways:

1.  The Suntrust App: Like everybody else, Suntrust has an app that will allow you to do online banking, including Mobile Deposits.  It does have some limits, though.  The maximum deposit is $2,0000, and the Limit on Mobile Deposits is $8,000.00 per month.

2.  The Amex Bluebird:  You can link your Suntrust Checking Account to Amex Bluebird and withdraw Bluebird loads into your account.  The limit here on the Bluebird side of things.  You can load your Bluebird with up to $5,000.00 per month and transfer that into Suntrust.  If you have access to another Bluebird Account, you can transfer $2,500.00 from that account into your Bluebird account, increasing the funds available for transfer into Suntrust to $7,500.00

3.  Suntrust External Transfers.  Login to your Suntrust Account and to to this tab:

That will take you to the External Transfer option  (1) where you can link (2) an existing checking account at your local bank to your Suntrust account.

"Incoming" external transfers, i.e. from your account at another bank to your Suntrust account, are limited to $10,000 per day and $20,000 per rolling 30 day period.

That gives you a total $33,000 per month that can easily be transferred into a Suntrust Checking Account (and spent to earn Skymiles) without ever visiting a branch.  What?  That's not enough to wring out of Suntrust in the remaining days before July 25?  Okay, there's a final option. 

Good luck!
UPDATE:  Commenter "USFishin" on Flyertalk pointed out something I overlooked.  It may also be possible to initiate transfers from your local bank into your Suntrust Account.  Because this would not be initiated from Suntrust's website, Suntrust's external transfer limits wouldn't apply.

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