Saturday, November 15, 2014

Registration for American Express' Small Business Saturday 2014 is Live!

Run, don't walk, and register your American Express card (every one you have including authorized users) HERE.  Then, on Saturday the 29th, use your card to make three purchases of at least $10 at a local small business and American Express will give you a $10 statement credit for each purchase.  You can do that three times for each of your cards.  That's $30 in free spending per Amex card!

Which businesses qualify?  Amex provides a useful MAP of qualifying businesses.  Mrs. Points Ninja and I will be restocking our wine cellar at our local bottle shop.  Thanks Amex!

UPDATE:  In my experience, statement credits post within a couple of days of the purchase.  For future reference, the Ts&Cs for the offer are:

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