Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doin' the Bluebird Website Shuffle

The Bluebird Prepaid card is a wonderful tool for meeting spending requirements on new cards because you can load it with Vanilla Reload cards purchased with your credit card.  You can then use Bluebird's billpay function to pay off your credit card or you can simply withdraw the funds to your bank account.

However, Bluebird keeps moving the "withdraw funds" option around, and each time they do so users have to hunt it down again.  Well, they've done it again, but here's how to find its new location.  First login to your homepage and click on the "settings" tab.
This will take you to the "settings" page, which is the new location for the "withdraw funds" option:
I love Bluebird, but I sure wish they'd quit tweaking the website!


  1. Just bookmark the page. Then you don't have to hunt for it. :-)

    1. @gary: I hadn't considered bookmarking the actual "withdraw funds" page. I suppose URL for that page hasn't changed?