Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chase INK cards

     A while ago, I mentioned that Chase INK cards offered a rare, but useful, benefit to cardholders traveling to Ireland:  CDW coverage.  Most cards don't offer this, but INK, being a World Mastercard, does.  Well, the writing is on the wall that this may be going away.

     Today, Gary at View from the Wing has an interesting post on Chase's decision to issue Visa-branded cards to new INK applicants.  He mentions, however, that current cards will remain Mastercards.  I'm not so sure about that.  There are some hints that Chase will also be transitioning current MCs to Visa.  Ink's "Think Tank" survey community recently hosted a survey regarding different formats for a letter informing current cardholders that their MC would be switching to a Visa.  Chase is at least thinking about it.

     Either way, the card remains a very attractive option for earning points, but I'll be sad to see that CDW benefit go away.

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