Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hilton Honors Amex AXON Award Chart Changes

     Lots of fun stuff in my mail today, euros bought at below face on ebay, my Royal Ambassador welcome kit (through a referral), and a letter from Amex detailing the new AXON award chart.  On second thought, that last one isn't so fun.

    As everyone in miles and points land knows, Hilton recently devalued their general award chart.  No announcement about AXON (multi-night rate for Amex HH cardholders) or GLON (multi-night rate for elites) was made, but we all knew changes were coming.  Well, they're here.

On June 15, 2013 AXON 4-night awards will be "enhanced" as follows:

Category 5- up by 5,000 points to 130,000
Category 6- up by 35,000! points to 160,000
Category 7- up by 45,000! points to 190,000

Of course, as part of the devaluation, Hilton Honors added three new hotel categories, Categories 8-10.  The AXON awards for those levels will be as follows:

Category 8- 220,000
Category 9- 260,000
Category 10- 300,000

     That means that a four night stay at Hilton's top level hotels will run you 75,000 points a night.  And that's the discounted rate.  The crazy thing is that Category 10 properties on Hilton's regular award chart run from 70,000 to 95,000 points per night.  So in some cases, AXON awards could end up costing you more!  Thanks, Hilton.

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