Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It all starts here...

Okay, for everyone reading this (Ed.: No one!), I've started this blog in order to have one place that I can point people to when they ask me, "How do I learn about miles and points?"  Previously, I've directed them to Flyertalk.com, Milepoint.com, View from the Wing, etc.  Now I can direct people here.

Here at The Points Ninja (Ed.: Thanks for the name suggestion, Ben!) I'll be covering what I consider to be the best deals in travel and cashback offers.  I intend to make this site a resource for people who would like to maximize their travel with the minimum impact on their budget.  This will involve making the best use of your credit, taking advantage of airline and shopping promotions, and making the best use of the miles and points that you accumulate.  I'm frequently amazed at the amount of money "left on the table" by consumers who don't take advantage of the various programs out there.

I likely won't be blogging a lot because the folks I'll be linking to cover most developments pretty well.  However, I'll try to keep this blog updated with links to current discussions of the best deals out there.  Of course, I'll post any ideas that I come up with on my own here as well.  I'll be covering basic ideas (like keeping track of your points and miles and using shopping portals) to "advanced" (Ed.: Byzantine!) strategies like "generating spend" with prepaid cards. 

For me, the points and miles game is an entertaining and lucrative hobby.  In the past few years this hobby has allowed Mrs. Points Ninja (Ed.: Ninjetta!) and I to travel to Germany, England, Canada, and France.  We fly business class and stay in nice hotels, and generally pay for little more than dining and taxes.  The point is that you can do it too.  My job here is to help you get to that point.  So, here we go!

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